The Best Foodie Party Possible - Here are 3 Do’s and Don'ts

Let’s face it–-just about everyone loves food. Then there are those among us who absolutely love food to a higher degree than most: foodies. Foodies––real foodies, at least––are not just people who love to eat out or munch on snacks all the time.

 No, foodies are those who love food like you and me, but can also taste specific ingredients in an entree. They’re the kind of people who, if you ask them for recommendations on the best local Italian place, can tell you exactly where, what to order, what flavors to expect, and why these flavors work well. Maybe you’re a foodie yourself. If so, you’re in the right place––this article explains some helpful Foodie Party-throwing etiquette.

 Sure, at the end of the day, a Foodie Party shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off. The main focus is the food of course, and you can easily ask each guest to bring their own favorite dish for tasting. However, this doesn’t mean that a Foodie Party doesn’t take any planning and care to orchestrate. When it comes to throwing these parties, there are a few common “rules” you should keep in mind. In this article, we’ll cover the three most common “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to throwing your very own Foodie Party. Let’s dig in.

 The Do’s

#1: Do invite guests mindfully.

 Although just about everybody loves food, it doesn’t mean you should go inviting your work friends, high school friends, extended family, and beyond. In order to keep an atmosphere that’s fun and peaceful, make sure that the guests you’re inviting understand what the party is for. You don’t want someone stopping bringing a bucket of KFC chicken, after all. 

 The guests don’t have to all know each other––it’s actually more interesting when they don’t––but it would be foolish to invite people who don’t get along or are not quite foodies themselves. If you really must have dinner with both groups, it might be better to plan two separate parties: one for foodies, and one just for fun.

 #2: Do set a theme for the party.

 Going without a theme can lead you to have a harder time planning since everything will be up in the air. By setting a theme, you choose a specific focus for every aspect of the party; the food, the drinks, the decorations, and the guests will all have to align with your chosen theme. For a Foodie Party, selecting a country or region as the theme is a great option. Decide on a theme before buying anything.

 #3: Do stick with what you know.

You might be eager to try out all the new recipes you’ve found on Pinterest. It is a Foodie Party, after all. However, this comes with the strong potential to lead to disaster and money and time wasted if the dishes do not come out as they were intended to. Unless you’re absolutely confident that you can pull a new recipe off in short notice, stick to a dish that you have made before. New is always interesting, but a recipe gone wrong is almost always disheartening.

 The Don’ts

 #1: Don’t wait till the last minute.

 This should be obvious, but many people procrastinate until the very last minute, only to find that decorations, drinks, or food ingredients they need are not available when they go shopping. Plan as early as possible and set up a game plan for yourself. When Foodie Party day comes, you’ll be stress-free and focused on your guests and, of course, the delicious food.

 #2: Don’t skimp on food.

 Keeping a budget is important, but it’s also important to have enough food at the party. If you don’t provide enough food and it runs out early, the party may naturally end earlier than you expected. If you really can’t afford to provide all the food, a fun way to take the load off your shoulders is by asking each guest to bring a dish.

By doing this, you save money and your guests get to enjoy the creations of others! Foodies enjoy tasting (and critiquing) other foodies’ food!

#3: Don’t forget the activities.

The food is the main attraction for a Foodie Party, but what also brings the guests together is good conversation and fun activities either before or after dinner. Activities can be as simple as playing board games or as complex as hosting a game show right in your living room.

 As long as the activities suit your guests well, the choice is all yours.

Here at Painless Party Shop, our goal is to help take the frustration and stress out of planning a “creative” party, making the planning painless and fun. If you need help planning your next party, visit to find some fresh inspiration and guidance.