5 Great Tips to Throw the Best Party Ever

Most of us have been to parties thrown by other people, and they’re tons of fun––you can drink, eat, dance, play games, and socialize before heading back to the comfort of your home. But have you ever thrown your own party?

Let’s face it––the idea of throwing your own party, especially if it's the first one, can be nerve-wracking. After all, there are so many things that you have to plan for, such as what food and drinks to offer, whether there will be a bar or not, what activities to offer, when to start the party, when to end the party, who to invite, what decorations to put up... the list goes on and on.

However, this doesn’t mean that throwing a party has to be a headache. On the contrary, it can actually be very fun, especially if you go about it the right way. Sure, some people may naturally have an easier time than others when it comes to throwing parties, but it is still absolutely possible for you to become a party-throwing aficionado with a bit of time, practice, and these tips. Let’s take a look at five great tips to help you throw the best party ever––so far.


  #1: Don’t Over-complicate Things

Especially if this is your first time throwing a party, you might feel the urge to host the “perfect” party, leading you to plan out every single little detail. But sometimes it’s actually better to opt for simplicity instead. Sure, you need to have some choice decorations and good food, drinks, and activities planned, but you’ll find that you can more often than not get away with just having the basics.

 If you need proof, try buying chips and dip and inviting over a handful of people––without any other formal preparations or planning. Nine times out of ten, you and your guests will still have an amazing time. Parties are about having fun with people, after all!

#2: Use Paper Products Whenever Possible

You’ve probably planned for the perfect food and drinks, but I bet you didn’t plan for all the dishes you’d have to wash afterward! To make things easier on yourself (and to avoid the possibility of broken dishware), opt for paper products whenever possible.

Paper cups, plates, napkins, and even utensils can be easily thrown away after use, making post-party cleanup a breeze. As an added bonus, paper products tend to be biodegradable and recyclable as well, so you don’t have to feel guilty as you party.

 #3: Find a Signature Drink, Dish, or “Thing”

Have you ever been over to a certain friend’s house, and they always have an amazing dish that it seems like only they could make? What your friend has effectively done is found his/her signature dish.

You don’t have to opt for a dish, but becoming really good at a certain thing for your parties will help them become that much more memorable. Try developing a cocktail or a dish that people can’t seem to get enough of. Your parties will even more fun, and people will be begging to get on your invitation list for some more of your signature “thing”.

#4: Music Can Make or Break Your Party

The music you choose sets your party’s mood, so this is very important. If you choose music that is too slow and relaxed, your party can lack energy, which can lead to bored guests or a party that ends much too early. If your music is too energetic for the occasion, people can get turned off as well.

Depending on the occasion, sometimes it is a good idea to ask your guests what they would like to listen to. Better yet, ask a few of your guests to play their own music in the mix as well. Just make sure the music you play matches the energy you want your party to have. You don’t want to play dubstep music at a formal dinner party.

#5: Plan Your Guest List Mindfully

Let’s face it––most of us don’t get along with every single person we meet. Rather, we find a group of people that are similar to us and share similar views to call our friends. As you plan your party, be mindful of who you include on your guest list.

 You may want to invite every single one of your friends, but this could potentially lead to awkward encounters, awkward silence, or even altercations in worse situations. Make sure that everyone on your guest list would actually enjoy the type of party you’re hosting as well. If you know one of your friends doesn’t like to drink or listen to loud music, he/she may feel uncomfortable if invited to your party.

Bonus Tip: Give your Party a Theme

If you can’t find some completely new ideas to introduce, try to at least give your party a specific theme. Having a theme for your party will give it its own flavor and edge while adding a bit of excitement to the mix.

Some great themes to base your party on include decades, famous movies or books, tacky outfits, murder mysteries, and special holidays. Yes, yoga parties are a go, too.

Here at Painless Party Shop, our goal is to help take the frustration and stress out of planning a “creative” party, making the planning painless and fun. If you need help planning your next party, visit www.painlesspartyshop.com to find some fresh inspiration and guidance.